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Curriculum News

Feb 6, 2019


Class Dojo

This year, we’re using Class Dojo to build our classroom community. We aim to build a positive culture where students are engaged, encouraged and love learning. Class Dojo points will only be used for positive reinforcement. Every teacher will have the ability to allocate points to students when they are teaching a class.

All classroom communication will come though Class Dojo, so it is imperative that all families have signed up by Friday 8 February 2019. It is our collective aim to keep parents informed and as connected to the classroom as possible though this single avenue.

How we’ll use Class Dojo:

Teachers will:

  • Post announcements, updates and reminders
  • Shae photos and videos of classroom activities
  • Send private messages to keep you in the loop.

Students will:

  • Share classwork on their own digital portfolio
  • Only family members will be able to view their work

Families can:

  • Like or comment on class photos and videos
  • Leave encouraging feedback. Just as teachers are only using Class Dojo for positive reinforcement, we would like your comments to reflect this as well.


To read more about parent accounts:


In next week’s newsletter we will give details on how classes will be managing inappropriate behaviour.

Gloria Ward

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