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Curriculum News Issue 06

Mar 13, 2019

Week 6 Newsletter

Henry’s Battery Box
Henry, from Year 2W, is collecting used batteries.  He is very passionate about caring for our environment and wants to make sure that batteries are being disposed of correctly rather than just thrown in our bins.  If you have any old batteries at home, please bring them into Year 2W and put them into Henry’s Battery Box.  Once the box is full, Henry will take them to Tamala Park. 

Sounds – Write
From Pre-Primary to Year Two we follow a synthetic phonics program called Sounds – Write.  Synthetic phonics has been identified, both here and overseas, as the most successful approach to the teaching of reading and spelling.  Next week, parents from Pre-Primary to Year Two will receive a handout to explain the program in more detail.  The handout will also include some hints and tips on how you can help your child at home.

From Years Three to Six we teach a synthetic spelling program called Sound Waves.  If you would like to read more about this program and the research to support synthetic phonics programs, click HERE.

Home Reading Book Audit
Last week we started the huge process of a reading book audit across the school.  It has already given us great insight into the levels and years which require further resources.  Our wonderful P&F has committed $10,000 to the purchasing of these new readers, so we are very excited to spend this money by the end of this term.  In the coming weeks, please look out for calls to help get these new resources covered and ready for the children to use.  Already, we have had Year One and Year Two parents helping label books, which has been a great help. 


Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal Curriculum

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