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Curriculum News Issue 10

Apr 10, 2019

Parent – Teacher Interviews
Thank you to all parents who made time today to have an interview with their child’s teacher.  The partnership between parent and teacher is such an important factor in determining learning success.  We continue to welcome parents to meet with teachers throughout the year to discuss ways in which we can work together to ensure each child reaches their full potential.

By now every Year Three and Year Five student should have brought home a pamphlet giving details about NAPLAN for next term.  We encourage you read through this carefully and if possible, log onto the NAPLAN website for further information.  This is where you will also be able to access example tests (in the NAPLAN section).  We will conduct a practice test with all Year Three and Year Five students next term; however, these example tests may be useful over the holidays.

Running Records
Over the past two weeks all teaching staff have trained in the use of Running Records using PM Benchmarks and IPI (Informal Inventory Prose).  We have been using PM Running Records at Francis Jordan for many years, however we have not always been consistent in our approach.  From this training, we now have agreed, consistent standards for administering the test as well as agreed, consistent standards for determining a student’s reading level (level 1-30). 

Every child in the school will be reassessed before the end of Term One using these consistent administration and analysis standards.  This may mean that your child’s current reading level may change.  Please understand that this is not a reflection of their ability increasing or decreasing, but is more a reflection of how consistency of practice can lead to more accurate levelling.

ICAS  Payments
A reminder that ICAS payments are due this Friday, 12 April. Year 3-6 students are invited to enrol in ICAS assessments, however, it is not compulsory. Each assessments costs $14.50. ICAS assessments are moving online this year, except for ICAS Writing Years 3 and Year 4.

Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal Curriculum

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