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Curriculum News Issue 12

May 15, 2019

School Photos
School photos will take place on Tuesday 4 June and Wednesday 5 June.  Every student has received their personalised ordering page with their special ‘shoot key’.  It is important that this shoot key is used when placing online orders.  If you would like photos with siblings, please collect a family photos sheet from the front office. 

Walk to School Day
Friday 17 May is “Walk Safely to School Day”.  This annual community event encourages all primary school children to walk to school with their parents or carers on this day.  If your child would like to walk to school with you on Friday, they can collect a sticker from their classroom teacher (on Wednesday or Thursday) to wear on the day.  It would be wonderful to see our footpaths filled with Francis Jordan children getting some exercise as well as learning the crossing rules.

“Active kids are smarter kids”      

We continue to keep the Year Three and Year Five students in our thoughts as they complete the last of their NAPLAN tests.  Being the first year the students have completed this testing online, they have coped extremely well with this new platform even though technical issues have been experienced.  It just goes to show how resilient and adaptable our students are and how skilled they are with using their technology. 

Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal Curriculum

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