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Curriculum News Issue 14

Jun 12, 2019

With Semester One reports due to be distributed in Week 10 of this term, I thought it would be timely to provide some information on how to read the document.

Understanding the report:
Children receive an overall grade (A to E) for their achievement in each learning area. In some learning areas they may also receive a grade for the learning area components assessed.

Grading Scale


A The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for this year level.

B The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for this year level.

C The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for this year level.

D The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for this year level.

E The student demonstrates very low achievement of what is expected for this year level.

The A – E grade scale summarises the standard of achievement associated with each learning area. The scale describes the depth of knowledge, understandings and skills that children working at that standard typically show. If your child receives a `C’ grade, they are achieving at the required level for their year. Maintaining a grade in a learning area from one semester to the next is an indication of positive achievement and expected development. A child who is on an Individual Education Plan will have progress reported against learning outcomes outlined in the Individual Education Plan – not using A-E grades.

Learning Area – Student Work Scale (Effort)

O Outstanding  VG Very good  S Satisfactory  I Inconsistent  U Unsatisfactory 

Kidz OT Essentials
Kidz OT Essentials currently runs the occupational therapy screening program at Francis Jordan Catholic School. In conjunction with the screening they also offer group therapy and individual intervention services.  The sessions are run by one of their qualified occupational therapists during school hours, commencing in Term Two.  

If you would like more information about their services, please click HERE

Wet Weather Procedures
As the weather has become colder over the past few weeks we have already needed to enact our Wet Weather Procedures a number of times.  If it is raining in the morning, students are to wait undercover near their classrooms.  Students are not permitted on the courts or oval if it is raining.  At the end of the day, we will send an SMS to parents informing you that wet weather procedures are in place.  This means that Year Three to Six students need to be collected from the Undercover Area.  Year One and Two students are to be collected from outside the Year One classrooms, under the covered area.  Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Pre-Primary students are collected from their classrooms as normal. 

Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal Curriculum

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