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Curriculum News Issue 21

Oct 16, 2019

Curriculum Focus
Reading continues to be our whole school curriculum focus this term. We have started the term with a professional development day which looked at the data teachers have collected throughout the year from PM Benchmarks assessments and IPI (Informal Inventory Prose) testing. Analysis of the data has allowed us to set goals for our students and tailor the literacy blocks according to the specific skills students need. In the coming week, students will be informed of what their individual goals are for this term.

Community Library
I would like to thank Mr Fuller (Year 2W, Henry’s dad) for volunteering to make, not one, but two community libraries for our school. This will allow students in the junior and upper primary to access the library boxes to donate, swap and share books. These boxes will provide another opportunity for students to get excited about books and further their love of literature. I will keep you updated on construction progress and installation dates.

Communication Policy
This year we have been working on refining the way we communicate information to our school community. The introduction of Class Dojo has proven to be a successful method for teachers and parents to communicate class related information. All other school related information will continue to go out via the fortnightly newsletter or placed on our school website. This year we have created a communication policy to ensure that our communication methods and processes remain consistent. If you would like to view the policy, it is on the school website HERE

Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal

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