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Curriculum News Issue 25

Dec 9, 2019

Thank You and Merry Christmas
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the FJCS staff, parents and students for their wonderful support this year. Coming back into the role of Assistant Principal, after being on maternity leave, has been a wonderful experience. It has been made even more amazing due to the truly generous, dynamic people I work with. So many times I have had people offer to help with things and work with me to deliver the wonderful education that we do to our students.  I am looking forward to another year in the role as Assistant Principal Curriculum in 2020 at FJCS.  I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and relaxing holiday. 

Free Computer Equipment
There are still monitors, keyboards and mouse available in the Tech Hub, free for anyone who would like them. If they are not wanted, they will go to a computer recycling facility. Please come to the Tech Hub and help yourself.

On Wednesday 11 December,  reports were made accessible through SEQTA Engage. If you have had any issues, please let me know before Thursday next week and I will try to resolve them for before we head off for Christmas holidays.

Gloria Ward
Assistant Principal Curriculum

Lost Property
On Friday morning I will be putting out lost property on the basketball court for parents to check one last time. If it is not claimed it will be returned to the uniform shop to be sold as second hand, and any clothes not school uniform will be donated to Good Sammys.
Gill Bardsley
Education Assistant and lost property extraordinaire.


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