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A Message from the Principal – Issue 04

A Message from the Principal – Issue 04

Dear Parents, Children and Friends,

 The Season of Lent Begins Next Wednesday

On Wednesday 6 March at 11am we join together as a community to celebrate Ash Wednesday in our school hall.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. It is a season of penance, reflection and fasting which prepares us for the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday.  I warmly invite you to join us.

 During these days of Lent we are called to commit ourselves to renewing our faith and spiritual life. We are called to help others and try to make a difference to our family, ourselves and our world. Perhaps we can do this by giving of ourselves to others, rather than giving something up.

 Practical Ways to Celebrate Lent

Lent gives us 40 days to reflect on Jesus Christ and our own spirituality. Here are 15 suggestions to try during Lent.

  1. Go to confession.
  2. Be active in Caritas and Project Compassion.
  3. Pray on a daily basis to deepen your connection to Jesus.
  4. Shut off the computer or TV and read the Bible.
  5. Volunteer your time.
  6. Send thank you notes to those that helped you.
  7. Prepare meals for a shelter or someone who might be needing help and support.
  8. Donate clothes and toys to charity.
  9. Pray for someone you do not know.
  10. Smile more often.
  11. Try to stop complaining and being critical of others.
  12. Plant a garden to learn how to nourish living things.
  13. Call a friend or relative you lost touch with.
  14. Take someone to Mass with you.
  15. Be a happy and positive person.

 Kindy Enrolments for 2020 & 2021

We are currently taking enrolments and interviewing for Kindergarten in 2020 and 2021. I ask families to please ensure they have lodged their Kindy application so your child’s  place can be secured. Should you wish to take a tour of our play based, child centred Kindergarten program, please contact me at or call 9404 2400.

We also have a limited number of Pre Kindy and Kindergarten places available for 2019. Please register your interest with the office. 

 Year Six Camp

Please keep the Year Six children and teachers in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare for school camp; beginning on Wednesday 6 March. I am sure the children will find the experience one they will never forget.

 Intimate Images Bill

Last week, State Parliament passed the new Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Bill making it illegal to distribute an intimate image of a person without consent.

In the case of someone under 16, the law says they cannot legally consent to an image of themselves being shared. The law aims to strike a balance between protecting young people from this harmful behaviour, and not unduly criminalising them.

The new intimate image laws will come into effect following the commencement of the Criminal Law Amendment (Intimate Images) Act 2018 (WA) on 15 April 2019.

As young people under the age of 16 are not exempt from this new offence, it is imperative that information regarding these new laws is shared with our students and their parents.

The key messages for young people are:

  • It is against the law to take, keep, send or ask for an intimate image of a person under the age of 18
  • It is against the law to share an intimate image of a person of any age without their consent. 

The Department of Justice has provided advice and frequently asked questions for parents and educators. These FAQs can assist to inform and guide the conversation we have as parents with our children.

With the increasing use of digital technology and social media it is important that we continue to work together to ensure that our communities are safe places of learning and development for all our children.

Pupil Free Day: Friday 1 March

Just a reminder that this Friday is a pupil free day and the school will be closed. Our education assistants, office staff and teachers will undertake a professional development with a Sandra Petersen from the Catholic Education Religious Education Team on Staff Wellbeing and the importance of balance in our lives.

 Upcoming Important Dates

  • 27/28 February Confirmation Parent Information Evening at 7pm at St Simon Peter Church
  • 6 March Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 11am
  • 6-8 March Year Six Camp
  • 8 March Merit Assembly at 8.35am
  • 9-10 March Confirmation Enquiry Mass at St Simon Peter Church


May God bless our school and those within it.

Miranda Swann

Religious Education News Issue 04

Religious Education News Issue 04

Project Compassion 2019

Water – Source of Life

This year, the Student Council has decided to focus the school’s Project Compassion efforts on helping school students in the Solomon Islands. Many children must travel considerable distances to get safe drinking water while at school.

$50.00 will buy five metres of guttering to attach to buildings that will then collect clean rain water for storage in tanks. $5.00 will buy a tap to attach to the rainwater tank. In this way, each $55.00 donated will ensure school children can have safe drinking water at school.

What a great way to help those in the world who are less fortunate than us!

Confirmation Parent Information Evening

To all parents of a child in Year 6 who are receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Parent Information Meetings will occur tonight (WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27 at 7.00pm) OR tomorrow (THURSDAY FEBRUARY 28 at 7.00pm). Parents are expected to attend one of the meetings.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

All parents are warmly invited to attend the Ash Wednesday liturgy on Wednesday March 6 commencing at 11.00am in the school hall.

Important Dates For 2019 – Sacrament Dates


  • Saturday June 15 at 2.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church.


  • Saturday September 14 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Sunday September 15 at 10.00am in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Saturday September 21 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Sunday September 22 at 10.00am in the Saint Simon Peter Church


  • Tuesday October 29 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Thursday October 31 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
Term One RE Calendar






Ash Wednesday Liturgy




SUNDAY FEBRUARY 10th at 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm




Confirmation Enquiry Masses



SATURDAY MARCH 23 – 9.30am to 11.00am


Confirmation Enrolment



THURSDAY MARCH 28 – 7.00pm


First Communion Parent Information Evening

SATURDAY APRIL 6th at 6.00pm OR


SUNDAY APRIL 7th at 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm


First Communion Enquiry Masses


FRIDAY APRIL 12 – – 9.30 to 10.30 then 11.00 to 12.00


Holy Week liturgies


Curriculum News Issue 04

Curriculum News Issue 04

Pre-Primary On-Entry Assessments

This week, our Pre-Primary teachers, Nadene Andrews and Carolyn Ince have been conducting On-Entry Assessments with all children in their classes.  This is just one of the many tools we use at Francis Jordan to gain understandings of each student.  The information collected assists with the delivery of best teaching and learning practices, catering for individual’s needs. 

On-Entry summaries will be available towards the end of Term One.


How to support your child with home reading

Practice in reading aloud is very important for literacy development. Reading with a parent or carer is a great opportunity to do this, but parents often do not get good advice about how to help their child. The Pause, Prompt, Praise method is research-based and effective. When your child is a Beginning Reader and has difficulty with a word click HERE to find out the best way to help them.

For Older Students who might misread a word and continue, wait until they get to the end of the sentence before stopping them. Sometimes the reader will realise their mistake because it doesn’t make sense—and then self-correct—but they often need to get to the end of the sentence to realise this. We want readers to be able to read for meaning, and it’s an important skill for them to develop. If we immediately stop and correct them again, we undermine the development of this process. For tips on how to help our older readers click HERE.



P & F News  Issue 04

P & F News Issue 04

A huge thank you to all those that attended our first P&F meeting for 2019. We had a record-breaking 20 people there, which was a great way to start the year. We hope to see just as many people at our next meeting, which will be at 7.15pm on Wednesday, 20 March.

Easter is approaching which means so is our Easter egg raffle, which will be drawn on the last day of Term 1. We are asking that each child bring in an Easter egg of some kind (or an alternative like a colouring in book and pencils) which will be put towards the raffle while a portion of eggs we receive will be donated to St Vincent De Paul.

Tickets for the Easter raffle will be sent via the kiddy post over the next few days. Tickets are 50 cents each and your child can by as many as they want.

If you have any queries regarding involvement in the P&F please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shannon Britten
P&F President
0417 183 345


Medical News Issue 04

Medical News Issue 04

Asthma and Medical Conditions Action Plan 

The 2019 Action Plans for all students listed with the school as having Asthma or a medical condition have been sent home over the last 2 weeks.  If your child has Asthma, then the Action Plan needs to be completed and signed by a doctor.  For all other medical conditions, the Action Plan needs to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.  Please ensure you attach a current photo of your child and return the forms ASAP. 

Should your child have a medical condition that the school is not yet aware of, please ask for a form, either from your child’s teacher or the front office.  The forms are also available to download from the school website.


Medication at School

If it is at all possible it would be preferred that medication be administered to students at home.  If this is unavoidable and medication needs to be administered at school, the relevant documentation must be completed.

Over the counter medication (any medication that does not require a script to be purchased)

Student Medication Request/Record – Appendix 1, needs to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Prescription Medication (any medication that requires a script issued by a doctor to be purchased)

Student Medication Request/Record – Appendix 1, needs to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Medication Instructions from a prescribing doctor – Appendix 2, needs to be completed and signed by the prescribing doctor.

Both forms are available from your child’s teacher or the front office.  They are also available to download from the school website.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at school Monday – Friday 8am – 12.00pm. 

Thank you

Anita Woodall








Cick here to visit our Community News page and keep up to date with what’s happening in the FJCS Community

Francis Jordan Netball Club (FJNC) Issue 04

Francis Jordan Netball Club (FJNC) Issue 04

Night under the Stars!

We are looking forward to seeing all registered players at Night Under The Stars, FJCS netball courts at 5pm on Thursday night. Please wear suitable clothes and trainers – old FJNC netball dresses are a good idea 😊 if you wish. No jewellery or earrings are to be worn. Please bring water bottles.

FJNC have the following age and year groups registered (see below). Most teams have a volunteer coach and manager, thank you very much, however, please see which year groups do not and we would ask you to consider this opportunity to be involved with the nurturing of your daughter in sport.

Coaching involves one training session a week, assistance is provided by our Coaching and Development Co-ordinator, Bronwyn Perkins and Vice President Karen Holmes, there is one game per week and a player rotation spreadsheet is provided. Managers are responsible to manage parent rosters and help the coach where needed, as well as managing the scorecard on the match day with the parent volunteer. There is one JNA meeting to attend all season. It’s great fun and we have a fun dinner planned! Love to hear from you if you’re interested!


Year 1 & 2 Coach and Manager required please


Year 2


Year 3 Coach and Manager required please


Year 4&5


Year 5&6


Year 5&6


Important Dates for your FJNC Calendar

28th February 2019

Netball under the Stars on the netball courts

5-7pm – family social and grading.
Team Coaching and Manager Nominations in.

1 March 2019

Uniform orders close

29th March 2019

Cake Sale at FJCS run by U/11 team

4th April 2019

Coaches, Managers and Reps Dinner

27th April 2019

First Game of the Season commences

24th August 2019

End of Winter Season 

25th August 2019

Winter Wind up and Trophy Presentation 

FJNC 2019 Committee

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