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A Message from the Principal – Issue 09

A Message from the Principal – Issue 09

Dear Parents, Children and Friends, 

It is hard to believe that we are only a little over a week away from finishing Term One. It has certainly been a flurry of activity throughout the past nine weeks. I ask you to take a few minutes to read the information below:

Adults On Site During The Day
Recently, two staff members were concerned when an adult, who was unknown to them, came out of the disabled toilet near Year 1 / 2. It was subsequently discovered that this was a parent of the school. Please remember that if you are on the school grounds during the day (after 8.45am and before 2.15pm) you are required to sign in at the office.

In following up this issue, it was also discovered that adults are using the children’s toilets. This is not appropriate. If you need to use a toilet while at school, please use the toilets in the Hall. Signs will be placed at the toilet entries to remind you of this arrangement.

Please abide by the above mentioned directives. The safety of our children is paramount and staff will follow up with the Leadership Team if they are concerned.

Parent – Teacher Interviews
In order to inform you of your child’s progress earlier in the year, parent/teacher interviews are being held on Wednesday April 10 from 1.00pm to 6.00pm. All interviews will occur in the school hall. Chairs and tables will be set up for all teaching staff. A timer will go every 10 minutes to signal the end of one interview and the commencement of the next. Please be respectful of the fact that teachers do need to stay to time so that other parents are not kept waiting. If you have not yet registered for an interview time, please do so by going onto the website:

Health Care Card – Pension Card
If you hold a Health Care Card or Pension Card, please read the following information carefully.

Extract from the Board ‘Policy For The Collection of School Fees’

 “Consideration will be given to parents with genuine financial difficulties. However, it is a matter of justice to other parents and students that they meet their agreed commitments.” In 2005, the Catholic Education Office introduced a Health Care Card discount scheme for the school tuition fees component only.  This only applies to holders of a Centrelink Valid means tested Family HCC and to Pensioner Concession Card holders receiving a ‘Parenting Payment Single” payment – code PPS on the card. Parents who wish to request a tuition fee discount will need to show a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession card (PPS) in their name. You will also be required to complete a ‘HCC Tuition Fees Discount Scheme’ form, which can be collected from the Office. It is the responsibility of parents to provide the school with a copy of the updated card in order to continue to be eligible for this discount throughout each billing term. Confidential documentation will be kept on the agreement. This information must be presented by Week 1 of Terms 1,2 and 3 to obtain the discount.

Holy Week Liturgies
All are warmly invited to our Holy Week liturgies on the final Friday of Term One (April 12). We commence at 9.30am in the Year 1/2 playground. After recess, we gather again at 11.00am on the Oval. Parents can come for a cuppa and a biscuit in the Library at 10.30 while we wait for the final two liturgies to begin.

Easter Egg Raffle
The Easter egg raffle will occur on Friday April 12 after the Easter Sunday liturgy in the Hall. Thank you to our amazing P&F for the organising of the raffle. Please ensure your tickets are returned with the money attached in order to ensure you are in the draw. If you require more tickets, they will be available from Thursday morning at the school office. Also, if you can spare an hour of your time, please come to school on Monday at 6.00pm and help members of the P&F to wrap the eggs into their arrangements. This is a fun night. It would be great if there as many ‘hands on deck’ as possible.

Inter-School Swimming Carnival
We wish members of the Inter-School Swimming Squad the best of luck at this Friday’s Interschool Swimming Carnival. Miss Lawson and two other staff members will accompany the squad on the day.

Use Of Staff Car Park
Recently, a number of parents have been driving into the staff car park in order to drop their child off at OSH Club. Please be aware that, at no time, are parents to use the staff car park. Please use the parking bays on the street and walk with your child through the gate next to the staff car park automatic gate.


  Upcoming Important Dates

  •  5 April
Merit Assembly at 8.35am
Interschool Swimming Carnival
No Running Club
  •  12 April
Final Day of Term 
  • 29 April
First Day of Term Two


Damian Purcell
Acting Principal

Religious Education News Issue 09

Religious Education News Issue 09

Project Compassion 2019
14 water collection systems have now been raised towards the Project Compassion appeal. This means we have helped 14 schools in the Solomon Islands with a water collection system that will stop the need for students to travel long distances to collect clean drinking water. For each $55.00 raised, a system can be purchased. The Project Compassion boxes can be returned to school anytime during the next two weeks. Thank you for your generosity.

 Holy Week Liturgies
All parents are invited to the Holy Week liturgies being celebrated on the final Friday of Term One (April 12). We commence at 9.30am in the Year 1/2 playground. After recess, we gather again at 11.00am on the Oval. Parents can come for a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit in the Library at 10.30 while we wait for the final two liturgies to begin.

First Communion Enquiry Masses
To all parents of a child in Year 4 who are receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion, the First Holy Communion Enquiry Masses this weekend. Please attend one of the following Masses with your child receiving Communion this year. The Mass times are below.

Term One Religious Education Dates



SATURDAY APRIL 6th at 6.00pm
SUNDAY APRIL 7th at 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm

First Communion Enquiry Masses

FRIDAY APRIL 12 – – 9.30 to 10.30 then 11.00 to 12.00

Holy Week liturgies


General Notice Parish News

The Stations of the Cross will be held on each Friday of Lent after 7.00pm evening Mass.


Taize Prayer Service – Wednesday 3 April at 7.30pm  As we prepare for the coming of Easter please join us for a special Prayer Service. Experience an hour in reflection, silent and prayerful, listening to the Readings of the Word and enjoying Taize music.

Parish Reconciliation Service – Tuesday 9 April at 7.30pm


 A re-enactment of the Lord’s entry into Jerusalem will take place on PALM SUNDAY 14 April at the 10.00am Mass.

We invite all children to take part in the procession. Children carrying small palms or olive branches (supply own if possible) will lead the procession of the priest with a pony and the rest of the congregation and then form an archway along the central aisle of church. (Parent help needed to supervise).  Come early – the young ones can have a free ride on the pony.  See you there!


Holy Thursday:  

18 April – Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7:30pm
Eucharistic Adoration after Mass till 11.00pm 


Good Friday:

19 April – Reconciliation 10.00am—11.00am
Stations of the Cross at 11:00am
Celebration of Our Lord’s Passion at 3:00pm
Eucharistic Adoration after the Lord’s Passion until 8:00pm 


Holy Saturday: 20 April – Blessing of Easter Food 11:00am
Easter Vigil Mass at 7:30pm
Easter Sunday: 21 April – Mass Times – 8:00am 10:00am & 5:00pm


Important Dates For 2019 – Sacrament Dates


  • Saturday June 15 at 2.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church.


  • Saturday September 14 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Sunday September 15 at 10.00am in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Saturday September 21 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Sunday September 22 at 10.00am in the Saint Simon Peter Church


  • Tuesday October 29 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • Thursday October 31 at 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church
Term One RE Calendar



SATURDAY MARCH 23 – 9.30am to 11.00am

Confirmation Enrolment 

THURSDAY MARCH 28 – 7.00pm

First Communion Parent Information Evening

SATURDAY APRIL 6th at 6.00pm
 SUNDAY APRIL 7th at 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm

First Communion Enquiry Masses

 FRIDAY APRIL 12 – – 9.30 to 10.30 then 11.00 to 12.00

 Holy Week liturgies


Curriculum News Issue 09

Curriculum News Issue 09

Parent – Teacher Interviews

Parent-Teacher Interviews have been scheduled for Wednesday 10 April from 1.00pm-6.00pm.  If you haven’t already booked an appointment via the School Interviews platform you can still do this right up to the day by going to

Running Records
Last week, teaching staff trained in the use of Running Records using PM Benchmarks.  We have been using PM Running Records at Francis Jordan for many years, however we have not always been consistent in our approach.  From this training, we now have agreed, consistent standards for administering the test as well as agreed, consistent standards for determining a student’s reading level (level 1-30). 

Every child in the school will be reassessed before the end of Term One using these consistent administration and analysis standards.  This may mean that your child’s current reading level may change.  Please understand that this is not a reflection of their ability increasing or decreasing, but is more a reflection of how consistency of practice can lead to more accurate levelling.

Today, teachers have trained in how to use an IPI (Informal Inventory Prose) to ascertain a student’s reading age.  IPI’s are used after a child has reached level 30.  At this point a child will select home readers based on their reading age.

We have purchased some great new home readers to support our students who are reading between level 1-30, as well as those who have moved beyond this.  Now it’s just a waiting game for delivery!

ICAS  Payments
A reminder that ICAS payments are due next Friday, 12 April. Year 3-6 students are invited to enroll in ICAS assessments, however, it is not compulsory. All ICAS subjects are moving online this year, except for ICAS Writing Years 3 and Year 4.

Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal Curriculum

P & F News  Issue 09

P & F News Issue 09


Easter Egg Raffle
Our Easter Egg raffles is slowly drawing to a close. The P&F will be spending Monday evening collating, wrapping and bundling all the eggs in preparation for the Easter Egg raffle. A portion of eggs will be donated to St Vincent De Paul.

Tickets for the Easter egg raffle close on Thursday next week so if you haven’t bought any yet you had better do so as soon as possible. The raffle will be drawn on the last day of school for Term 1.

Our Cyber Safety Workshop has been scheduled for Thursday evening, 19 May 2019, with tickets already going on sale. The event will be held in the Sue Groves Hall. Tickets can be purchased here:

If you have any queries regarding involvement in the P&F please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shannon Britten
P&F President
0417 183 345



Francis Jordan Netball Club (FJNC) Issue 09

Francis Jordan Netball Club (FJNC) Issue 09

Thank you FJNC and FJCS – cake sale was a hit!

Thanks to FJCS and our awesome FJNC teams, parents and volunteers who helped our Year 6 Commandos and Anna Admans at the Cake Sale on Friday, the posters looked great thanks teams, and loved the photos of people enjoying themselves! FJNC made $314.95 thanks to your Generosity and provision of baked goods! Thank you very much to the FJCS parents and children too – much appreciated.

Thanks to the coaches and managers who attended last week’s JNA meetings, I hope you gained something from the meetings and if you need any clarification, please let us know how we can help.

U/10 – Sadly the FJ Phoenix U10 team has lost 4 players late in the process, and we are looking for 2 /3 girls born in 2009/2010 to join our development team! We will be happy chat to all girls interested and can arrange a fee subsidy if necessary. Please contact Sandra Kent, 0438 600 869 if you know anyone wanting to play netball this year as it would be a shame to abandon this team. Training is on a Tuesday at FJCS and games are at 11.00am on Saturdays.

Hooray to our new suppliers, Dyenamic Sublimation, Netball dresses are being collected today, 4 weeks prior to the season starting!!  They will be marked up with your name on and given to your coaches and managers to distribute, please let us know asap if you have any issues with your dress. Please also remember this is a complimentary dress provided by FJNC (other clubs charge $80 for dresses)! We hope you enjoy wearing it!

FJNC Corkers and Curly Ties
We are excited to say FJNC will be selling Corkers (1 for $7) and Curly ties (2 for $10) in our colours which make the outfit pop – the athletes love them! We will sell them at game days and training days, or order them per team if you’d like to make sure your team looks the biz on game day! We only have a limited number, please send an email to to secure your purchases please make payment to our bank account or cash on the day: BSB 036-231, A/C 169 262     

Thanks to the coaches and managers who can make Thursday night, we’re looking forward to a fun night together!

4 April 2019 Coaches, Managers and Reps Dinner: Little Nepal, Currambine, at 7:00pm
27 April 2019 First Game of the Season commences
24 August 2019 End of Winter Season
25 August 2019 Winter Wind up and Trophy Presentation

GO FJNC! See you on the FJCS netball courts next week.

FJNC 2019 Committee

OSHClub  Issue 09

OSHClub Issue 09

Hello to all our OSHClub families.

We hope you have all had a fantastic weekend, just a reminder that the holidays are approaching and begin on Monday the 15th of April and end on Friday the 26th of April dates excluded from the holiday’s are the 19th/22nd & the 25th due to public holidays.

We have plenty of fun theme days and activities planned for the children including incursions and excursions. During the holidays we will be having a carnival day which will include other OSHClub services and is held at our school on the 17th of April. This day will be jam packed full of fun sporting competitions, meeting furry farmyard animals and many more exciting games! you can get a copy of our brochure online for VAC or alternatively come and visit us in the undercover area for a copy. Online bookings are now open for the holidays now so be sure to book in so you don’t miss out 🙂 

We have provided some helpful tips for families when separating from your children. This can be a stressful time for you and your child and we hope to assist you in any way we can.

  • Ensure that you and your child connect with their Educator e.g. “Hi Jane, how are you today? Emma is here to play and see her friends today at OSH”.
  • Acknowledge your child’s distress e.g. “I know you want me to take you to school and you feel sad, but you will have fun with your friends”.
  • Say good-bye e.g. ” See you after school. Have a great day and I will pick you up this afternoon.” Do not drag out the separation as it extends separation anxiety and distress.
  • Discussion at home e.g. listen to your child talk about positive events that have occurred without leading with negative questions e.g. “Was anyone mean to you?” instead of “What fun games did you play outside?”

We have been informed that the following fees will apply

No Show Fee
If a child that is booked for a session does not attend, and no cancellation is provided, an additional No Show Fee of $5 per child will apply.

Late Booking Fee
Late bookings made within the 24 hours of the care session will incur an extra charge of $4 per session per child, excluding rebates.

48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of a BSC or ASC session. Cancellations can be made by

  • Online-logging into your account at
  • Phone: Contact Customer Service and Billing Team on 1300 395 735.
  • Text or SMS your service on 0419 091 841 and include the following details to ensure your request can be processed: Childs name, the service, the session and the date you wish to cancel.

Late Pick Up Fee
A late pick up fee (After 6 pm) will incur a $1 per minute per child charge.

 We look forward to seeing you and have a wonderful week!

Warm Regards
Stacey, Sophie and Hanaa 🙂

Your OSHClub Team

OSHClub Head Office:
All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.

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