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A Message from the Principal – Issue 20

A Message from the Principal – Issue 20

Dear Parents, Children and Friends,

First Communion
Congratulations to our students who made their First Holy Communion on the weekend; our children conducted themselves with such reverence and respect. I invite our families to continue to keep our Year Four students in their thoughts and prayers as the remainder of our children make their First Holy Communion over the next few weekends.

Francis Jordan Catholic School Concert
Last Tuesday and Wednesday night our community was thoroughly entertained by our students’ gifts and talents at the Francis Jordan School Concert. What an incredible evening it was! It is clearly evident that a point of difference and a great strength of our school is the performing arts program offered. This program allows our children to share their incredible gifts and talents; and also provides those students who have not had the opportunity to experience music and performing arts to do so.

The quality of the performances on both nights were extraordinary. I congratulate our children on their performances; their confidence and poise was mind blowing.

An event such as this takes great planning over the course of the entire year. I would like to acknowledge the work of Mrs Suzie Giannasi, Mrs Lindy McQueen, Mrs Anita Woodall,  Mrs Jill Bardsley and all of our wonderful staff for their efforts over many weeks. The passion, deep belief in each and every child and the enthusiasm of all of our staff is extraordinary.

I also extend great gratitude to our music tutors. We are extremely blessed to have tutors of an incredible calibre at Francis Jordan. Thank you to Ms Rachel Perry; Mr Scott Timler, Mr Dan Ablett and Mr Reuben Christman for your work with, and your support of, our students.

 Athletics Carnival
We warmly invite our community to join us for the Faction Athletics Carnival this Friday. The carnival will begin at 8:50 AM with the track races. After lunch, the children will participate in their team games events, culminating in the relays at the end of the day. Presentations will conclude the day at approximately 2:20 PM. We look forward to you joining us on this very exciting day.

 Pupil Free Day
The last day of term for students is Friday 27 September. The children will return to school on Tuesday, 15 October. Please note that Monday, 14 October is a Pupil Free Day as staff will be undergoing professional development.

Last day of the school year for students
The last day of the school year for our students is Friday 13 of December. Staff will finish on Friday 20 December. During this additional week, staff undergo professional development to prepare for the following year.

Sue Hegg Property Management supports Francis Jordan Catholic School
Our P&F are busily organising our quiz night for next term. We are very fortunate that Sue Hegg Property Management has agreed to be a major sponsor of the evening donating a number of gift vouchers to be at Mindarie Marina. Sue Hegg has also kindly offered the school a $100 referral fee for every new management referred by Francis Jordan community members who listed with her agency. Should any parents wish to take advantage of this, please contact Sue Hegg’s Property Management for further details. We thank her and her company for her very generous support of our school.

Sick Children
With the change in the weather, it is not uncommon for children to become sick at this time of year. May I remind families that sick children are best kept at home where they can have rest and recuperation and return to school when they are well. Thank you for supporting the health of all of our children and staff.

Information & Technology Coordinator Role at Francis Jordan
Our Information & Technology Coordinator, Mr Steve Gellé, completes his service with the school at the end of the current school term. I would like to sincerely thank Mr Gellé for his outstanding service to the school over the last 21 years; he holds much of the history and charism of our school in his heart as he leaves us. I know you will join me in wishing Mr Gellé well in his future endeavours and in thanking him for his service to Francis Jordan.

From next term, the school will be supported by IT Dynamics. IT Dynamics will provide the school with onsite support, 24-hour monitoring, IT support service desk, all infrastructure installations, supports and backups, parent and staff training sessions; as well as working onsite during designated times in the week. IT Dynamics have an excellent reputation and support a large number of our Catholic primary schools.

Kindergarten & Pre Kindy2020
We still have a number of places available for Kindergarten and Pre Kindy 2020. May I ask our families to please see Mrs Nagy in the office to book an appointment to have your Kindergarten or Pre Kindy interview as offers are currently being made to families.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • 20 September: Faction Athletics Carnival.
  • 21 September: First Communion Mass 6 PM at St Simon Peter Church
  • 22 September: First Communion Mass 10 AM & 5 PM at St Simon Peter Church
  • 24 September: Morning of the Notables
  • 25 September: Kindy Sport Day
  • 27 September: Running Club
  • 27 September: 3G Assembly
  • 27 September: Last day of the term
  • 14 October: Pupil Free Day (No School)
  • 15 October: Children return to school
  • 18 October: Merit Assembly
  • 19 October: First Communion Mass 6 PM at St Simon Peter Church
  • 20 October: First Communion Mass 10 AM & 5 PM at St Simon Peter Church


God bless our school and those within it.

Miranda Swann

Religious Education News Issue 20

Religious Education News Issue 20

First Communion
Three masses were celebrated last weekend at Saint Simon Peter Church where students in Year 4 made their First Holy Communion. We congratulate the students on this wonderful milestone in their lives. This coming weekend, the final groups of children receive Jesus for the first time at two parish masses. Please keep the Year 4 students in your prayers.  

Thanksgiving / Graduation Mass
Last year, feedback was sought regarding the timing of the end of year Graduation / Thanksgiving Mass. Thank you to the parents who contributed their feedback. There were three lines of thinking: keeping the Mass at the evening timeslot of 6.00pm; changing the Mass to within school hours; Having a Thanksgiving Mass during the day and a separate Graduation Mass in the evening for Year 6 families. Based on the feedback, it has been decided for this year to keep the Mass at 6.00pm. When the new principal begins in 2020, the decision will be then reviewed for future Masses.

Damian Purcell

Assistant Principal
Religious Education

Term Four RE Calendar

Term Four Religious Education Dates





First Holy Communion Commissioning Mass

Saint Simon Peter Church – 6.00pm


First Holy Communion Commissioning Masses

Saint Simon Peter Church – 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm


Year 3 First Reconciliation workshop

All day in the school hall


First Reconciliation ceremony

Saint Simon Peter Church – 6.00pm


First Reconciliation ceremony

Saint Simon Peter Church – 6.00pm


Feast of All Saints liturgy

School Hall – 11.00am


Remembrance Day liturgy

School Hall – 11.00am


Salvatorian Faction Day liturgy

School Hall – 8.30am


Year 6 practice for Graduation Mass

Saint Simon Peter church – 9.30am


Thanksgiving / Graduation Mass

Saint Simon Peter church – 6.00pm


Curriculum News Issue 20

Curriculum News Issue 20

Today, the Year Three and Five students will receive their NAPLAN report.  Instructions on how to read the report are included on the first page of the document.  As a whole, students at FJCS performed very well with almost 100% of students achieving over the national minimum standard across all areas tested.   If you would like to discuss these reports further, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Public Library Boxes
Public library boxes have popped up in many suburbs to promote the sharing of literature.  Last year we had a book exchange day, which allowed students to swap books that they had at home with other students.  I would love to provide the students with this opportunity on a daily basis through the use of a public library box.  So, I’m asking if anyone in our school community has the skills and resources to construct such a box.  If you do, please email me at, as I believe this is just another way for our children to develop a love for books and share the ones they may have outgrown or wanting to pass on to others.

Year Two Wellbeing Morning
At Francis Jordan we are committed to focusing on student wellbeing and providing opportunities for students to learn how to function at their best. Yesterday, the Year Two students enjoyed a morning focusing on their wellbeing through a range of actives.  They participated in guided meditation, mindful colouring and creation of a breath windmill, the construction of breath meditation bracelets, made stress balls, and had Pickle time with Miss Araujo’s dog. 

The morning culminated in the students writing persuasive text “Should Pickle be allowed to be a therapy dog at FJCS?”  Researching the use of therapy dogs in schools generated many wonderful conversations around mental health and wellbeing, and what we can do to nurture our physical, mental and emotional health.

 Wellbeing Dog Program
On Tuesday the Year 2 students enjoyed a Wellbeing Day. The students worked through an array on initiatives that placed a strong focus on student wellbeing. One rotation involved students interacting with Pickle, our school Wellbeing Dog.

Francis Jordan Catholic School recognises the important role that a wellbeing dog can play in the life on many students and staff. The use of wellbeing dogs with children is successful due to children’s natural tendency to open up to animals and the stress moderating effect of the calm and nonjudgmental presence of a wellbeing dog.

Our school has carefully considered having a dog in school and sought advice from many sources, including other schools that successfully have a school dog and a reputable dog behaviourist. Appropriate professional training has been obtained through the RSPCA and Pickle will work towards being trained as a Therapy Dog through the Kalmpets company. Kalmpets have assessed Pickle and determined that she has an appropriate temperament and has recommended she attend the school for training.

Students, with parental permission, will be able to walk the dog, play simple ball games and read with the dog. Children will not need to touch the dog, which will relieve the possibility of allergic reactions. We already manage a number of allergies at school and this will be no different for children and adults that are allergic to dogs. Individual needs will always be met, and we are happy to work with parents to put additional control measures in place for individual allergies. The breed of dog is known for minimal moulting, she is given a high-quality food and regularly groomed to reduce any possibility of allergens. We hope to work closely with parents of children who are fearful of dogs to alleviate their fear and to teach them how to manage this.

The Wellbeing Dog Program will run for the remainder of school year 2019. At the conclusion of this year, the project will undergo review for its suitability in 2020.

Please feel free to email me should you wish to discuss the program further at

“Studies have shown a positive relationship between emotional and psychological wellbeing and academic achievement. In general, students with high level of psychological and emotional wellbeing also show higher level of academic performance.”

Gloria Ward

Assistant Principal

Sports News Issue 20

Sports News Issue 20

School Athletics Carnival

Friday 20 September: Pre-Primary – Year 6 students

Students need to wear or bring;

  • Their faction t-shirt and any proper sport joggers (rubber spikes are permitted), school sport shorts and hat (clearly labelled).
  • A packed recess and lunch (unless you have pre-ordered lunch from the canteen), lots of water. (Please do not send excessive lollies along with your child.)
  • Students are permitted to bring mascots, wear their faction colours (hair spray and zinc is allowed but must be applied before coming to school and no spray cans or zinc tubes are to be brought to school, as these will be confiscated).
  • There will be a coffee/refreshment van at school all day for parents.
  • The main aim of the day is to get involved and to have FUN!!!


8.50am Carnival commences with the 400m
9.30am – 11.30am 50m, 75m, 100m and hurdles
11.30am – 12 noon Pre-primary Events
12 noon – 12.30pm LUNCH BREAK
12.30 – 1.20pm

Team Games: Senior Oval – Year 3 – 6

Junior Oval Year 1 & Year 2

1.30 – 2.10pm Relay Events: Year 1 – Year 6
2.20pm Presentations


Kind regards,

Caris Lawson
Physical Education & Year 2G Classroom Teacher

Athletics Carnival Program 

Click Above to Download Program

FJCS Concert News Issue 20

FJCS Concert News Issue 20

Francis Jordan Catholic School Concert


DVD Information
Mr Seamons has filmed both concerts and has produced a professional keepsake DVD. The cost of the DVD will be $25.00 each.



S.  Giannasi
Music Coordinator




Community News Issue 20

Community News Issue 20

James Franey
James Franey (Year 3G) competed in the Australian Taekwondo Nationals Championships on Friday 6 September.  He came second in the male 22-25kg sparring division and came home with a silver medal.  James said “It was a very close final, 25 to 30 points.  I did a back kick to get my competitor out of the ring”.   As a school community, we are very proud of you James!








The Council for Australian Catholic Women (Perth)

The Council for Australian Catholic Women (Perth) invite you to hear New Testament lecturer, Dr Michele Connolly RSJ at two free events in Perth.
Michele is a Sister of St Joseph of Lochinvar NSW and has studied in Melbourne, Chicago and Berkeley. She has taught at the Catholic Institute of Sydney since 2001.
Friday 25 October 6-9pm – WOMEN in the CHURCH: REFLECTIONS FROM THE NEW TESTAMENT – men and women invited. Light refreshments served from 5.30pm.
Saturday 26 October 9.30 – 4pm – WOMEN and the GOSPEL OF MARK: INSIGHTS FOR TODAY – a day for women. Light refreshments served from 9am. Light lunch included.

Both events will be held at James Nestor Hall, Catholic Education Office 50 Ruislip St Leederville. 

RSVP by 21 October. Email:; Phone: 08 9397 5988; SMS: 0400 886 835.




Year 7, 2020 

This is to notify you that a number of students will be attending the

Mater Dei College Orientation Day for students commencing Year 7, 2020.

  30 October 2019

Time:  8:30am – 2:30pm

(Students to arrive from 8:15am)



OSHClub  Issue 20

OSHClub Issue 20

Program Update

Hello to all our OSHClub families, we hope you had a lovely week!

The school holidays are approaching and our service will be open for vacation care 🙂 Monday the 30th of September is a Public Holiday so we will be closed however we will be running from Tuesday the 1st of October until Friday the 11th of October. Yay!
We have several incursions and excursions planned and can’t wait to see you all!
You can now make bookings via the app or website.

This week’s goal is: Children developing strong self-confidence.
Some activities we will be focusing on this week are:

  • Chalk Painting
  • Beanbag balance
  • Animal rescue home corner
  • Soccer competition
  • Applying sunscreen discussion and…
  • Plus much more!

We can’t wait to see you there!

Below is some valuable information for new parents and any changes that have been made to policies or procedures at OSHClub.

  • At NO TIME are your children out of our sight. We pride ourselves on being vigilant and our priority is the safety and wellbeing of your child.
  • Please understand that from 2.40 pm we have children arriving after school to OSHClub. It is essential we are greeting each child, ensuring that they are safely within our boundaries and we are often busy collecting smaller children from their classroom.
  • Due to the above please understand our need for you to contact us between 7-9 am or after 3 pm in the afternoon to discuss any issues.
  • If we do not answer your call, we are involved with the children. Please leave a text message and we will get back to you asap.
  • If you have any difficulties or problems with your Account, you must contact our Customer Service Accounts number on 1300 395 735.

Parents please note: We are not permitted to have anyone on the premises prior to 7 am or after  6 pm. This is non-negotiable and if you are unable to drop/collect your child within the time  frame you will need to organize an alternative person to drop/collect your child.

YOUR BOOKING IS NOT CONFIRMED UNLESS YOU HAVE HAD WRITTEN OR VERBAL COMMUNICATION FROM US. You may note that we have places available although this does not represent the Educator/child ratio which is what determines if we are able to add a booking.
This ratio is 1:10 (one educator to 10 children)
Everything that we do is for the benefit of your child’s health and wellbeing. We continually strive to make OSHClub an enjoyable experience which is stimulating and fun for all the children. Our Weekly Program and menu is displayed in the undercover area for your viewing.

Below is important regarding medical conditions:

  • Any medication and the required forms that your child may need. (If you are unsure of the forms required for your child please do not hesitate to ask.)
  • We keep a copy of expiry dates and email you with new forms and medication reminders a few weeks prior to expiration. Please note that your child will be unable to attend OSHClub if they do not have their correct forms and medication required.


We look forward to seeing during the week.
If you have any queries regarding your Account, Bookings or Cancellations, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 395 735.

Warm Regards

Diana, Sophie and Hanaa.
Your OSHClub Team

OSHClub Head Office:
All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.

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