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A Message from the Principal – Issue 26

A Message from the Principal – Issue 26


A warm welcome back to everyone! I do hope the holidays brought a relief to the usual routines of the busy school week! I had the wonderful privilege to spent some time in Albany over the break and was thrilled to even spot a Southern Right whale which just happened to be passing by when we wandered down to the beach one day!

It was delightful hearing lots of holiday stories last week and I was thrilled to be able to hand out a huge number of gold slips which were awarded to students during the last week of Term 3. I congratulate our students for maintaining such a fine effort right up to the end of term and encourage them to continue this wonderful commitment to Making Every Day Count during our final term of our 2018 school year.

Have I looked in my own backyard recently?

There is a deceptive simplicity and joy in the Christian journey. Perhaps we will never understand the wonder of our God until we recognise the richness there is in our own backyard; with our dog, the visiting sparrow, the first bud blossoming into a flower, our relationship with our spouse and children. The thank-you list is endlessly engaging if we realise that here is God waiting to be recognised and enjoyed!  Perhaps if we begin to delight more in people, then we shall learn to see them as God sees them. They become our relationship with God, just as Jesus delighted in the company of children, sinners, disciples and friends like Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Mary McKillop enjoyed the very same relationships with a great variety of people.

I was daily his delight, rejoicing before him always (Proverbs 8 : 30)

2019 Year 4   1-1 Program

As we prepare for our 2019 Year 4 1-1 program at Francis Jordan, we will be hosting a parent information session on October 30th at 6pm. This parent information session will provide current Year 3 parents with important information about the 2019 Year 4 1-1 program  devices and costs, as well as inviting parents to share feedback and ask questions about this program.  All Year 3 parents are encouraged to attend this important information session.

School Disco

Our next School Disco will take place on 26th October.  Whilst we understand that Francis Jordan discos are a rare event, following on from recent P & F discussions, organizers have been exploring ways to limit excessive consumption of sugary treats particularly at our Lower School Disco. Some treats and sweets will be available for purchase at the Senior Disco, while in place of the purchase of treats and sweets at the Junior Disco, a treat bag instead will be included in the entry ticket.

Junior Disco 
Entry + juice box $10
Entry + juice box + 1 slice of pizza $11
Entry + juice box + 2 slices of pizza $12.15

Cash entry at door + juice box will be $15  (All Junior Disco entry prices include a lolly bag)

Senior Disco
Entry + juice box $7.50
Entry + juice box + 1 slice of pizza $8.50
Entry + juice box + 2 slices of pizza $11.50

Cash entry at door + juice box will be $10

Sweets will be available for purchase

There will be a $2 entry free for those parents wishing to stay at the disco, if they don’t wish to stay at the disco, wine tasting and tea and coffee will be available in the library for parents.

To book your child’s attendance go to this trybooking link

Pre-Kindy Term 4

If your child has now turned 3 and is eligible to attend Pre-Kindy, or your child currently attends Pre-Kindy on a Tuesday and you wish them to also attend on Thursday during Term 4, please contact our reception to add your child’s name to our Term 4 Thursday Pre-Kindy list. Parents will be notified once a minimum of 13 children are registered to attend and this extra session will then commence.

Congratulations to Merit Award Recipients last week. 

Kaleigh Ralph, Ruby Camilleri, Oliver Simmons, Dylan Kavanagh, Joshua Britten, Oscar Howells, Shane Phelan, Sylvia Babinski, Lucas Ballinger, Gabriella Gregory, Jake Krysiak, Zane Currie, Sophie Hennessey,  Joey Menassa, Zari Pascal, Asha Payne, Benji Wilkes, Erin Hart, James Dargie, Callum Daly, Lily Greenaway, Charlotte McKibbin, Ava Gregorio, Cambell Shaw, Lila McGinni, Toby Rushton, Brooke Riney, Summer Krysiak, Amelia Keys,  Liam Mayer, Kaylee Baldock, Maya Ross,  Aiden Thangiah, Lachlan Hemetsberger, Jasmine Akpo, Ella Brooks,  Noah Mc Ginnis, Zac Westling, Kate McGinty, Corey Holt.

Congratulations to our recent Gold Slip Recipients

Benji Wilkes, Lucas James, Sebastian Korokowski, Tristan Horton, Taya Beckwith, Maia Kim, Daniel Geddes-Quinnones, Mackenzie Miles, Julia Fitzsimons, Madison Birch, Jennifer Phelan, Lily Mavis, Levi Chapman, Lola Cochrane, Daniel Geddes-Quinnones, Miray Hanna, Matilda Moore, Jesse Jacob, Charlotte Ballinger, Ellen Mc Daniel, Brooke Andrich, Taj Eaton, Ruby Commins,Maria Bekhit, Emily Alington, Connor White, Jared Cooper, Abby Forsyth, Tyson Poule, Ashleigh Clark, Kayley Dunne, Charlee Hawton, Corey Holt, Kate Mc Ginty, Caitlin Hoare, Monaye Foster, Amelia Donohue, Kai Noack, Mason Kalaf, Mason Turner, Sophia Wright, Azayliah Viergever, Malia Carmichael, Reece James, Jake Currie, Byron Martin, Maria Bekhit.


Congratulations to Reece James who was our recipient of the August Lighthouse Award. Reece has been working really hard to  complete his home tasks and was always prepared for his support classes with a beautiful smile. Well Done Reece for your wonderful work.

Congratulations also to Byron Martin and Jake Currie who were jointly awarded the September Award for their combined efforts  staying calm and assisting recently when a little person suffered an epileptic episode at a birthday party! Both boys are congratulated for acting calmly and responsibly.

New Federal Government funding packaging for non-government schools

The Federal Government recently released its new funding arrangements for non-government schools after weeks of discussions with representatives of the national Catholic education sector.

The new package of measures will significantly improve the funding situation for our Catholic Education system. It will provide certainty that our schools and colleges will continue to thrive and be a viable, accessible and affordable education option for Western Australian families.

The new funding arrangements will also provide certainty for our valued and committed staff who deliver the high standard of education experienced in our school.

We are committed to supporting all families of varying financial means and the new funding package provides a much firmer foundation for this.

The new funding arrangements announced are complex but can be summarised in three parts:

1. Interim funding arrangements for 2018 have been extended to 2019. The Federal Government will provide an additional $135.1 million Australia-wide to continue 2018 funding into 2019.

2. A new measure of parents’ capacity to contribute will be introduced in 2020, based on personal income tax (PIT) data rather than area-based Socio-Economic Status data. It is estimated that this will improve funding to Catholic schools Australia-wide at an average of 3.9% per student per annum between 2020 and 2029.

3. The introduction of a new fund worth $718m Australia-wide over 10 years to address the adverse effect of the Capacity to Contribute discount curve on Catholic schools.

Click here to read the full report

I will keep you informed as the new funding arrangements are progressed by Catholic Education Western Australia.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Term Dates 

TERM 4 – 2018

  • Last Day of Term – Friday  7th December

TERM 1 – 2019

  • Students Resume – 4th February
  • Student Free Day 1st March
  • Labour Day public holiday – 4th March
  • End of Term – 12th April


School Calendar



 Having it all doesn’t necessarily mean having it all at once.

Stephanie Luetkehaus

God, our Father, may the presence of Your Spirit be evident in our Francis Jordan Catholic School community. Help us to be large of heart, broad in vision and generous in working for the common good of this School Community entrusted to our care. Amen



Enjoy your week.

Wendy Manners






Religious Education News

Religious Education News

Congratulations to Kiara Spatara in Year 5 who was presented with her Christian Service badge at last week’s assembly. Among other contributions, Kiara took part in the MS Read-A-Thon, raising money for Multiple Sclerosis. Kiara was also a member of the choirs that sung at the Year 6 Confirmation Mass in June and the Year 4 First Communion Mass in September. Kiara also completed 10 hours of service to assist her family at home. It is wonderful to recognize the students in our school who think of others and put them first. Well done, Kiara. (Kiara is pictured showing her Christian Service badge).

Speaking of people who think of others, the Francis Jordan community spirit shone through yet again when we conducted the Cancer Council fundraiser on the final day of Term 3. You may remember that the students wore all things yellow / white and brought in a donation. It is wonderful to inform you that we raised $732.30 on this day. In addition, the Student Council is planning a lunchtime set of activities in Week 6 that will again focus on the Cancer Council. Further details will follow in future newsletters.





  • Saturday October 27- First Holy Commissioning Mass – 6.00pm at the Saint Simon Peter church (children will receive their Communion certificate at this Mass).
  • Sunday October 28 – First Holy Commissioning Masses – 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm at the Saint Simon Peter church (children will receive their Communion certificate at this Mass).


  • First Reconciliation Retreat – Monday October 22 in the school hall. Children wear home clothes on this day. They bring their morning tea and lunch as per usual.
  • First Reconciliation Sacrament – Tuesday October 23 – 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church.
  • First Reconciliation Sacrament – Thursday October 25 – 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church.


  • Feast of All Souls liturgy – Friday November 2 – 11.00am in the school hall. All parents are warmly invited to attend.
  • Salvatorian Faction Day liturgy – Friday November 9 – 8.30am in the school Hall. Parents are most welcome to attend.
  • Remembrance Day liturgy – Friday November 9 – 11.00am in the school hall. Parents are invited to attend this ceremony.
  • Year 3 to 6 Reconciliation – Tuesday November 27 in the school hall.
  • Year 6 Graduation Practice – Monday December 3 – 9.30am at the Saint Simon Peter Church.
  • 2018 Graduation / Thanksgiving Mass – Tuesday December 4 commencing at 6.00pm. All students in Year 1 to Year 6 are expected to attend this Mass.

Damian Purcell

Assistant Principal (Religious Education)

Curriculum News

Curriculum News

For some kids, spelling comes naturally. For others, spelling is an extremely difficult task that is avoided at all costs. It doesn’t have to be that way. These ten simple tips to practice spelling at home will encourage your child in addition to helping them become better spellers.

10 Activities for Spelling Practice at Home

  1. Spelling Memory – Write two sets of spelling words on small index cards and play a game of memory. When a card is turned over, read the word, spell it, and read it again.
  2. Spelling Swat – Using the same set of flashcards from the activity above, lay out one set on the table or floor so the words can be seen. Use the other set as a draw pile. Draw a card. Read the word, spell it, then find the matching word on the table. Slap the matching word on the table. Read the word, spell it, then read it again.
  3. Wordo – This is an old game that is played just like Bingo, but with full words instead of letters and numbers. Again, if the word is on the Wordo card, read it, spell it, and read it again.
  4. Rainbow Writing – Spell each word multiple times using a different color of the rainbow each time.
  5. Around the Room Spelling Hunt – Using the two sets fo flashcards from the first activity, place one set spelling flashcards around the room and keep the other set for a draw pile. Draw a spelling flashcard, read it, spell it, and read it again, then search for the matching word in the room.
  6. Stamp It Out – Rather than writing out spelling words multiple times, use alphabet stamps instead. (Or letter manipulatives work well, too). The key here is to practice one word several times in a row.
  7. Spell by Syllables – For longer words, practice spelling by spelling by syllables. For example, the word elephant would be broken down into el-e-phant, spelling just one syllable at a time.
  8. Spelling Word Sorts – This is an excellent activity for spelling lists where all the words focus on a single spelling-sound, but different spellings. Sort the words according to how that focus sound is spelled. For example, if the sound is long a spelled -eigh and -ai, then the words sleigh and weight would be put into a different group from snail and aim.
  9. Word Scramble – This is an oldie, but still an effective way to practice spelling. Use letter manipulatives to spell a word from the spelling list, copying it if need be. Then, scramble the letter up and try to re-spell with word without looking at the spelling list for help.
  10. Sensory Words – Use a sensory material to write out spelling words. Shaving cream, salt, play dough, and cookie sprinkles are all super fun.

Additional Tips for Spelling Practice at Home

Of course, spelling practice should always be supervised. This will ensure that your child is getting the most out of an activity as well as practicing the word correctly! Set aside some time every evening to do a quick spelling practice. Even if it’s just ten minutes.

If your child is overwhelmed by the number of words to practice, then break the list into chunks and practice only a few at a time. And always keep some easier words to mix with the difficult words. You don’t want your child to feel defeated by making the list too difficult during spelling practice.

Luke Shaw
Assistant Principal (Curriculum)

Taken from

Classroom News

Classroom News

Classroom News – 1G

This term we have started our focus of “Under the Sea.” Each student has picked a sea creature that they would like to research and learn more about. We have started to create some of these different sea creatures already in Art and Design and Technology. We have created a 3D Sea Turtle using coloured strips of paper that we wove under and over to create the sea turtle’s shell. We have also created a “Friendly Fish or Piranha” which starts off as a friendly fish then folds out to become a scary looking piranha! This was a lot of fun and we learnt all about using colours and line patterns to create our sea creatures. We are getting better and better at drawing using different shapes. We will now be doing some writing to go with our Art work that describes our “Friendly Fish or Piranha.”

Where to Next? Keep watching the space to see what new and amazing sea creatures will be joining us soon in Year 1G. We have been learning a lot about these interesting sea creatures for example, sharks, sea horses, jelly fish, piranha, fish and sea turtles. We will be using our devices to create facts about each of our own sea creatures that we have chosen.

Jenna Crosby – 1G Teacher

Classroom News – 3G

Our class has been focusing on developing our Growth Mindset and Grit. We have been learning about Emotional Resilience and have developed a tool kit for us to use in tricky situations we or our friends might find themselves in.

Growth Mindset is the belief that our talents, intelligence and abilities can be developed over time. It is the belief that through hard work, effort and perseverance, we can continue to grow our brains and learn new things. A fixed mindset is the belief that our talents, intelligence, and abilities stay the same.

Grit is perseverance and passion for life-long goals. It takes courage, optimism, confidence and creativity. Grit is moving towards a goal no matter how many obstacles or struggles you face. It’s also being able to stick to a task when you feel like giving up.

Emotional Resilience is
• the ability to recover from difficulties
• never giving up
• showing strength
• bouncing back when things go wrong
• standing up for yourself
• finding solutions to problems
• saying to yourself, “Yes, I can”

We learnt a little poem to help us
Remember that you are strong
Every day will have challenges that you can overcome
Stand up for yourself
Imagine yourself as a super hero
Learn to use the Resilience Tool Kit
If you need support and help, ask for it
Enjoy the things that make you happy
Never give up
Care about yourself and others
Expect the best for yourself

We have practiced ‘wearing’ on our Tool kit by a playing board game with our friends and working out the best strategy to solve a problem from a scenario.

During our health lessons, we have practice dramatizing the scenarios to show our classmates our ideas on how to build our emotional resilience.

We talked about how important it is to have Grit and a positive Growth Mindset to make tricky situation easier to cope with and how we can help our friends too!

In Year Three, we know we might not always the answers but we have a tool kit that can help us in tricky situations!

Deanne Walker – 3G Teacher

P & F News

P & F News

Tickets for our Cyber Safety seminar scheduled for Thursday, 11 October 2018 will be closing in the next couple of weeks so make sure you have grabbed yours! You can get them at www.trybooking.comWGDL.

We are busy working on our next disco and brainstorming some ideas. It is going to be held on 26 October 2018 so if you would like some input or if you have any suggestions that you would like to put forward or if you would simply like to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

On behalf of the P&F I would like to wish you all a wonderful break and we look forward to bringing you some exciting events for the final term of 2018.

Shannon Britten
P&F President


Canteen News

Canteen News


Tuesday 6 November









SPRING DAY SALAD TRAY – With Cheese or Ham or Chicken

PLOUGHMAN’S PACK – Ham/Crusty roll/Cheese/Cocktail onions/Chutney/Apple

AFTERNOON TEA – Mixed finger sandwiches/scone with jam



All lunches come with a Juice Bomb drink (can substitute for water)


This is the only meal available on this day for students PP-YEAR 6 and must be pre-ordered by completing the form below and returning to the canteen or ordering online BY FRIDAY 2 November.



CIRCLE: Cheese salad $8 / Ham salad $8 / Chicken salad $8 / Ploughman’s $6/ Afternoon tea $6 / Tuna sushi $8 /Crispy chicken sushi $8 /Prawn sushi $8/ Teriyaki Chicken sushi $8 / Combo sushi $8 / Meat Pie $6 / Add sauce 50c / Bag 10c /Water instead




Hello to all our OSHClub Families!

Welcome back after the school holidays. We hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends.  A reminder that our operating hours are 7 am to 9 am and 2 pm to 6 pm. We are NOT on the premises between 9 am and 2.30 pm so we will not be able to do any bookings during this time. If you require a late booking you have 3 hours before the start of the next session you require care to book your child in. We have been having a large number of instances where children are not booked in and arrive at OSHClub. If we have not confirmed your booking via text or directly, we are unable to take your child. We are very busy and often sitting on ratio, 1:10 for ASC sessions so please ensure you have current bookings.

We have some great themes and activities planned for this last term of the year. You can view our Program and Menu in the undercover area. Last term we fundraised for the RSPCA and Salvation Army. This term we are hoping to be involved with Royal Life Saving and beach safety as summer approaches. Please ensure your child has a hat each day and if they wish to keep it in their desk please pop a spare into their bags. A drink bottle is a must in the warmer months and we are more than happy to refill them when needed.

Have a wonderful week! Warm Regards
Your OSHClub Team
Stacey, Sophie and Hanaa.

Parent Information
Head Office Email:
Co-ordinator: Stacey.  Assistants:  Sophie and HanaaService
OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735/9261 3200
OSHC program phone: 0419 091 841

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is Free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.

We provide breakfast and afternoon tea, so see our program in the undercover area to view the menu.

Francis Jordan Netball Club (FJNC)

Francis Jordan Netball Club (FJNC)


Tuesday 9 October saw six of our awesome FJNC teams take to the courts for the first game of the Spring Season. Despite the very non-Spring like weather there were plenty of smiles on and off the court from our players and super supporters! Here’s a roundup of all the action:

U/7 Hurricanes Despite the rain and lightning, the Hurricanes got back on the courts with gusto and had a wonderful first match with great team spirit. I think they must have been missing their weekly team cheer since the end of the Winter season, as they were most excited to yell “Go

Hurricanes’ close to ten times! We are looking forward to a fun Spring season! Anna

U/8 Shooting Stars  It was great to be out on the courts again and the  girls enthusiasm to play was fantastic. What a tough game to start off the Spring season, the game was very even and the girls fought hard using their amazing defensive and attacking skills. The Shooting Stars played one of their best games yet, you should all be so proud of yourselves. Go Shooting Stars!! Odette

U/8 Emeralds The rain and lightning did not dampen the team spirit of the Emeralds, who played an awesome first game of the Spring season. Their teamwork and accurate shooting made it look like the girls hadn’t had a two week break at all. Our player of the match was Charlotte Brain, who was excellent in GS and all over the court playing Centre. Special mention to Michelle Kondas for helping her opposing player up after she fell, making sure she was ok. Well done Emeralds! Claire

U/9 Diamonds Great first game Diamonds! You all did amazing for your first game together! We’re looking forward to a fun season ahead.
Sandra and Kath

U/10 Comets Emily Arlington was player of the match for our U10 Comets. Emily showed great dedication to her team and shot some amazing goals! Christine

U/11 Blazers A promising start to the season Blazers! I loved the first two quarters, you played beautifully together! Well done everyone.

Joondalup Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Save the Date – 2 December 2018. Thanks so much to all those wonderful members who have already volunteered their precious time, it is much appreciated.

ACSRA clubrooms will open the Canteen from 4.30pm to about 7.30pm on both Mondays & Tuesdays for netball members during the Spring season. Lovely, reasonably priced meals are on offer. JNA asks that the clubs members support the canteen on these nights so that it may remain open during our Spring season. Otherwise, the clubrooms will be open for the use of the toilets only.

Scorecards: Please complete positions and centre passes as well as names, the only change for NETSETGO teams is no scoring for U7s to U10s.

We ask all Managers to please check the scorecard before it goes to the Match office, as we will be fined for incorrect scorecards.

Decidedly more Spring-like weather is forecast for this coming Tuesday, so we’ll see you on the courts!

 FJNC Committee

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