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A Message from the Principal – Issue 27

A Message from the Principal – Issue 27


On both Tuesday and Thursday evenings this week at St Simon Peter Catholic Church, our staff will be in attendance to support our Year 4 students who are celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  We congratulate our students in Year 4 who have received this Sacrament this week and extend a thank you to their parents who have been working with their child to prepared them to receive this Sacrament.


Congratulations Ella Moore (Year 6) who has won the annual Footy Tipping Competition.



Francis Jordan Newspaper

Have you read last week’s informative Francis Jordan Newspaper which was produced by our wonderfully talented extension students under the guidance of Miss Araujo? If not, go to this link Student Newspaper

Developing emotional intelligence in children – POSITIVE PARENTING by Michael Grose

Ever told a child to calm down only to see their emotions escalate instead? Kids, like adults, need to recognise their feelings before they can regulate their emotional state, and that’s not easy. Emotional recognition is a complex process that takes practice. Even when we are good at it we don’t always get it right. Learning to recognise your feelings is a continuous process that’s best started when young, before the ups and downs of adolescence show up.

When your child fusses and fumes about some wrong-doing or hurt they’ve experienced, clear your mind and hear them out. Avoid trying to fix the situation; just show them compassion and understanding. There is no better feeling then being understood.    

Michael Grose suggests five tips to help you explore this brave new world.                 

  1. Listen without judgment
  2. Contain, rather than manage, their feelings
  3. Know that emotions can be pleasant and unpleasant
  4. Build a vocabulary around emotions
  5. Help your kids recognise, then regulate emotions

To read the full article go to Parenting Ideas

Regional NDIS information Sessions

On Thursday 8th November the City of Wanneroo Library, at 3 Rocca Way, Wanneroo will host an information session from 9.30 – 11.00 am. For more information and a full list of locations go to Identifywa

Brown Sandals 

It has been brought to our attention that brown sandals have been difficult to track down this year. After our wonderful Uniform Shop coordinator Teresa Sutton made inquiries recently, it appears that none of our usual suppliers have them in stock or will have supplies of these until January. If you have managed to find a supplier of suitable brown sandals, please contact reception to pass this on so that other families can be directed to this outlet.

2019 Year 4   1-1 Program

As we prepare for our 2019 Year 4 1-1 program at Francis Jordan, we will be hosting a parent information session on October 30th at 6pm. This parent information session will provide current Year 3 parents with important information about the 2019 Year 4 1-1 program  devices and costs, as well as inviting parents to share feedback and ask questions about this program.  All Year 3 parents are encouraged to attend this important information session.

School Disco

Our next School Disco will take place on 26th October.  Whilst we understand that Francis Jordan discos are a rare event, following on from recent P & F discussions, organizers have been exploring ways to limit excessive consumption of sugary treats particularly at our Lower School Disco. Some treats and sweets will be available for purchase at the Senior Disco, while in place of the purchase of treats and sweets at the Junior Disco, a treat bag instead will be included in the entry ticket.

Junior Disco 
Entry + juice box $10
Entry + juice box + 1 slice of pizza $11
Entry + juice box + 2 slices of pizza $12.15

Cash entry at door + juice box will be $15  (All Junior Disco entry prices include a lolly bag)

Senior Disco
Entry + juice box $7.50
Entry + juice box + 1 slice of pizza $8.50
Entry + juice box + 2 slices of pizza $11.50

Cash entry at door + juice box will be $10

Sweets will be available for purchase

There will be a $2 entry fee for those parents who are wishing to stay at the disco with smaller siblings, if parents don’t wish to stay at the disco, a wine tasting as well as tea and coffee will be available in the library for parents.

To book your child’s attendance go to this trybooking link

Congratulations to Merit Award Recipients from last week. 

Maya Gimenez, Mia Curtis, Jake Forde, Lucis Daniel, Max Gordon, Steven Bell,  Evelyn Mays, Zara Kwiatkowski, Seth Viergever, Annabelle Perkins, Isabella Femia, Phoenix Greenwood,Charlotte Brain, Faith Doherty, Cohen Hall, Thomas Grasby, Isla Muir, Kai Bauer, Hudson Oliphant, Charlotte Millis, Ashleigh Stephen, Sebastian Korokowski, Azayliah Veirgever,Montgomery Dowdall, Niamh Miley, Mikayla Rudd,  Annabel Hennessey, Amelie Johnson, Anthony Doran, Tiago Brazao, Thomas Spiteri, Patrick Franey, Ceana Pryde, Emma Stewart, Kayley Dunne, Zakari Hazell,Lachlan Scott, Niamh H, Isabel S, Talia Cavanagh,  Luka Marian, Jake Currie, Caitlin Hoare, Ella Moore. 

Congratulations to our recent Gold Slip Recipients




Term Dates 

TERM 4 – 2018

  • Last Day of Term – Friday  7th December

TERM 1 – 2019

  • Students Resume – 4th February
  • Student Free Day 1st March
  • Labour Day public holiday – 4th March
  • End of Term – 12th April


School Calendar




God, our Father, may the presence of Your Spirit be evident in our Francis Jordan Catholic School community. Help us to be large of heart, broad in vision and generous in working for the common good of this School Community entrusted to our care. Amen



Enjoy your week.

Wendy Manners






Religious Education News

Religious Education News


We congratulate the Year 3 students who made their Reconciliation for the first time yesterday evening at the Saint Simon Peter church. The children have worked very diligently over the past months coming to a greater understanding of God’s forgiveness. We also pray for the students who will make their First Reconciliation tomorrow evening (Thursday). The featured image shows the crosses the children made as part of their Reconciliation preparation.


On Friday November we will be having the All Souls liturgy in the school hall starting at 11.00am. This liturgy gives us the opportunity to pray for anyone we know who has passed away. Parents are most welcome to attend. At the liturgy, the students will have the opportunity to place a photo of someone they know who has passed away on the prayer focus area. They may also write a prayer and place it if they wish. If you have a photo of a loved one, please send it in with your child. Please ensure your family name is on the back so the photo can be returned to you.




  • Saturday October 27- First Holy Commissioning Mass – 6.00pm at the Saint Simon Peter church (children will receive their Communion certificate at this Mass).
  • Sunday October 28 – First Holy Commissioning Masses – 8.00am, 10.00am or 5.00pm at the Saint Simon Peter church (children will receive their Communion certificate at this Mass).


  • First Reconciliation Sacrament – Thursday October 25 – 6.00pm in the Saint Simon Peter Church.


  • Feast of All Souls liturgy – Friday November 2 – 11.00am in the school hall. All parents are warmly invited to attend.
  • Salvatorian Faction Day liturgy – Friday November 9 – 8.30am in the school Hall. Parents are most welcome to attend.
  • Remembrance Day liturgy – Friday November 9 – 11.00am in the school hall. Parents are invited to attend this ceremony.
  • Year 3 to 6 Reconciliation – Tuesday November 27 in the school hall.
  • Year 6 Graduation Practice – Monday December 3 – 9.30am at the Saint Simon Peter Church.
  • 2018 Graduation / Thanksgiving Mass – Tuesday December 4 commencing at 6.00pm. All students in Year 1 to Year 6 are expected to attend this Mass.

Damian Purcell

Assistant Principal (Religious Education)

Curriculum News

Curriculum News

Our Year Two to Six students will soon be sitting their Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading (PAT-R) and Mathematics (PAT-M). These are thoroughly researched and normed tests for measuring and tracking student achievement in reading comprehension, vocabulary and mathematics. These tests provide teachers with objective information for setting realistic learning goals and planning effective programmes. Students sat these tests in Term Two, so the upcoming tests will allow teachers to compare data over time.

Scholastic Book Club Issue 7 was distributed to all students on Friday 19/10/18. All orders are to be completed online and paid by credit card, the school does not accept cash payments. All orders are to be placed by Monday 29/10/2018.

Luke Shaw
Assistant Principal (Curriculum)

Classroom News

Classroom News

Classroom News – 1G

This term we have started our focus of “Under the Sea.” Each student has picked a sea creature that they would like to research and learn more about. We have started to create some of these different sea creatures already in Art and Design and Technology. We have created a 3D Sea Turtle using coloured strips of paper that we wove under and over to create the sea turtle’s shell. We have also created a “Friendly Fish or Piranha” which starts off as a friendly fish then folds out to become a scary looking piranha! This was a lot of fun and we learnt all about using colours and line patterns to create our sea creatures. We are getting better and better at drawing using different shapes. We will now be doing some writing to go with our Art work that describes our “Friendly Fish or Piranha.”

Where to Next? Keep watching the space to see what new and amazing sea creatures will be joining us soon in Year 1G. We have been learning a lot about these interesting sea creatures for example, sharks, sea horses, jelly fish, piranha, fish and sea turtles. We will be using our devices to create facts about each of our own sea creatures that we have chosen.

Jenna Crosby – 1G Teacher

Classroom News – 3G

Our class has been focusing on developing our Growth Mindset and Grit. We have been learning about Emotional Resilience and have developed a tool kit for us to use in tricky situations we or our friends might find themselves in.

Growth Mindset is the belief that our talents, intelligence and abilities can be developed over time. It is the belief that through hard work, effort and perseverance, we can continue to grow our brains and learn new things. A fixed mindset is the belief that our talents, intelligence, and abilities stay the same.

Grit is perseverance and passion for life-long goals. It takes courage, optimism, confidence and creativity. Grit is moving towards a goal no matter how many obstacles or struggles you face. It’s also being able to stick to a task when you feel like giving up.

Emotional Resilience is
• the ability to recover from difficulties
• never giving up
• showing strength
• bouncing back when things go wrong
• standing up for yourself
• finding solutions to problems
• saying to yourself, “Yes, I can”

We learnt a little poem to help us
Remember that you are strong
Every day will have challenges that you can overcome
Stand up for yourself
Imagine yourself as a super hero
Learn to use the Resilience Tool Kit
If you need support and help, ask for it
Enjoy the things that make you happy
Never give up
Care about yourself and others
Expect the best for yourself

We have practiced ‘wearing’ on our Tool kit by a playing board game with our friends and working out the best strategy to solve a problem from a scenario.

During our health lessons, we have practice dramatizing the scenarios to show our classmates our ideas on how to build our emotional resilience.

We talked about how important it is to have Grit and a positive Growth Mindset to make tricky situation easier to cope with and how we can help our friends too!

In Year Three, we know we might not always the answers but we have a tool kit that can help us in tricky situations!

Deanne Walker – 3G Teacher

Canteen News

Canteen News


Tuesday 6 November









SPRING DAY SALAD TRAY – With Cheese or Ham or Chicken

PLOUGHMAN’S PACK – Ham/Crusty roll/Cheese/Cocktail onions/Chutney/Apple

AFTERNOON TEA – Mixed finger sandwiches/scone with jam



All lunches come with a Juice Bomb drink (can substitute for water)


This is the only meal available on this day for students PP-YEAR 6 and must be pre-ordered by completing the form below and returning to the canteen or ordering online BY FRIDAY 2 November.



CIRCLE: Cheese salad $8 / Ham salad $8 / Chicken salad $8 / Ploughman’s $6/ Afternoon tea $6 / Tuna sushi $8 /Crispy chicken sushi $8 /Prawn sushi $8/ Teriyaki Chicken sushi $8 / Combo sushi $8 / Meat Pie $6 / Add sauce 50c / Bag 10c /Water instead

Please keep an eye out for information coming soon regarding a canteen volunteers end of year dinner. A nice chance to catch up and have our food made for us!!


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