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A Message from the Principal – Issue 32

A Message from the Principal – Issue 32


Prize Giving Assembly

As we move into the final weeks of our school year, we embark on a number of opportunities to celebrate our students’ achievements and hard work. On Friday we will acknowledge a number of students at our Prize Giving Assembly. While we will celebrate the special achievements of this selection of students, I also wish to especially acknowledge the many students who will not make their way up to the stage to receive an award. I know many students not receiving an award have also worked hard this year and have achieved so much! It is timely to remember that an event such as Prize Giving gives us a valuable opportunity, as adults, to coach children to discover the Joy in celebrating the achievements of others.

Band Performance

Our Band will be performing for families on Thursday afternoon this week and again for our students on Wednesday morning next week. At this time I congratulate our instrumental students for their dedication to the instrumental programme this year and applaud them for the many hours of practice which they have committed themselves to over the course of the year. We acknowledge the wonderful work of Miss Perry along with Miss Gilhooley who have worked tirelessly with the band all year. I also wish to recognise the contributions of our wonderfully talented Instrumental tutors; Rachael Perry, Clayton Smith, Dan Ablett and Luke Savage who have been guiding our students all year. Sadly Mr Clayton Smith has advised me that he will not be continuing at our school next year. We will certainly miss seeing Clayton’s friendly face around our school. A replacement guitar teacher will be sourced in coming weeks, so that this programme can continue next year.


Graduation Mass

On Tuesday evening next week,  we will gather as a whole school at St Simon Peter Church for our Year 6 Graduation Mass. Please join us as we support our Year 6 students as we especially pray for them as they prepare to enter their new phase of learning in High School next year.  The Mass is also an opportunity for our whole school community to join in prayer to thank God for our school year and to ask for His blessings upon all families and keep them safe as we break for our holiday. The Graduation Mass commences at and all students are required to be in full school uniform.

Our Valuable Volunteers

As the year closes, I also wish to especially acknowledge the many many wonderful volunteers who have assisted at our school in some way during the year. Each and every day, someone signs in at reception and moves quietly to our classrooms to provide valuable help. Others have made the time during the year to assist at our various sporting events such as our Athletics Carnivals, both at school and away, at our Swimming Carnival, our recent Colour Run, or our cross country. Many parents have assisted Anna Admans in our canteen, while others have been active members of our P&F and School Board. The list of volunteers in our school is lengthy and this partnership is a vital one for our school. Volunteering strengthens the partnership between teachers and parents and helps to promote positive communication. Volunteering builds our partnership as teachers and parents working together and it also sets up positive communication which promotes common understandings between parents and teachers. While this partnership allows a sharing of common beliefs, values and goals, ultimately, it is the benefit to our children that is most valued, as it assists children feel secure and supported so they can become confident and successful learners.


Notification Of Revised Morning Supervision Time 2019

From the commencement of 2019 school year, a minor modification to morning supervision time will be in place to meet our requirements for staff hours of duty. From February 4th, all students will be permitted on school premises from 8.10 am onwards. At this time, students will be required to be in the hardcourt area where staff will be on supervision duty once the bell rings at 8.10am.  Students are not permitted on school grounds prior to 8.10 and all students who are on the school premises will be required to be booked into OSHC. A second bell will ring at 8.25 when all students will then be required to move to classrooms so that formal lessons can commence once the final bell sounds at 8.30 am. The morning play routine is a wonderful way for students to connect with their friends for a friendly game of 4 square or a catch up conversation prior to the school day which builds student connection and friendship.


Fr Adam Szustak

Father Adam Szustak who is a Dominican Father from Poland who travels around the world and presents inspirational talks. He has been invited to Perth in January to present workshops. Although he usually speaks to Polish community, the organisers have arranged to have professional headsets with English translations to extend this opportunity to the broader community. There is no cost involved to attend the workshop, however, organisers would appreciate a donation upon attending, that will assist in covering Fr Adam’s flights, accommodations and expenses while he is in Perth. Please refer to the poster on the school notice board outside Pre-Kindy for more information. Father will be speaking at the locations below

Sunday 06/01/2019 at 6.30pm at St. Simon Peter Church 20 Prendiville Ave, Ocean Reef
Monday 07/01/2019 6.30pm Our Lady Queen of Poland 35 Eighth Ave, Maylands

For more information about Father’s work go to – YouTube – Szustak in English

or Contact Gabriela – 0410537457 or Ada – 0431695495


Further Staffing Update 

We congratulate Jacqui Fernando who has been successful in her placement at Our Lady of Mercy Girrahween commencing next year as a mainstream Education Assistant.


Wedding Bells

We send our blessings and good wishes with Miss Parker who will be marrying her partner Rob Hawley  on December 8th near Busselton. Miss Parker will be on leave next week and will return in 2019 as Mrs Hawley.



Your Prayers Please

Please keep a number of our staff in your prayers who have recently lost close relatives. Mrs Yvonne White’s Dad passed away early this week and Miss Lawson’s Grandpa also passed away recently. May both rest in peace.


Kidz OT Holiday Services 

Kidz OT Services Practice is located in Edgewater/Joondalup – Unit 13/1 The Gateway, EDGEWATER (near Spotlight), and currently provides soft tissue occupational therapy. Please follow the link to see an outline of the paediatric services they will also be providing  at a school holiday program during January, targeting 2019 kindergarten to Year 2 students.


Congratulations To Our Recent GOLD SLIP Recipients.


Ellen Mc Daniel, Mikayla Rudd, Ryan Elliott, Dylan Colloe, Amelia Keys, Emma Stewart, Brooke Riney, Sienna Pascal, Abbey Moore, Chloe Maticka, Tiago Brazao, Elli Weldon, CJ moth, Shane Phelan, Ethan Andrich, Joseph Clarke, Georgia Miles.


Term Dates 

TERM 4 – 2018

Last Day of Term – Friday  December 7


Term 1 First Day of Term February 04
Student Free Day March 01
Labour Day Public Holiday March 04
Last Day of Term April 12

Term 2 First Day of Term  April 29
Student Free Day May 31
Public Holiday WA day June 03
Last Day of Term July 05

Term 3 Student Free Day July 22
First Day of Term July 22
Last Day of Term September 27

Term 4 Student Free Day October 14
First Day of Term October 15
Last Day of Term December 13

When you have a worrier in your family

Do you have a worrier in your family? Do you have a child who worries or over-thinks things? If so, it’s worth remember that rumination is the ruination of a peaceful mind.

If you’ve ever spent a sleepless night worrying then you’ll know how problems always seem bigger when you keep tossing them around in your head.

It can seem like everything is stacked against you. When this happens you’ve got to find the off switch so you can get away from your worries for a while.

The same principle holds for children and teenagers when they worry. Their problems just seem to get bigger and they need to turn them off or tone them down so they can ease their anxiety.

Here is a range of strategies taken from our Parenting Anxious Kids online course that you can teach your kids to prevent them from ruminating – going over the same thoughts and worries over and over again.

Sometimes it takes a wise adult to remind children and young people about what really is important to them.

Broaden their vision

Kids get tunnel vision when they worry. They often can’t see the bigger picture. For instance, a young person may fret over minor work matters such getting the exact font match for an assignment they are working on, and neglect to get the sleep necessary for good learning the next day. Sometimes it takes a wise adult to remind children and young people about what really is important to them.

Put their attention elsewhere

Placing attention away from worries is an age old technique for parents and teachers. Commonly known as distraction, the act of focusing attention on something other than what causes them distress is vital for good mental health. Examples of distractions include – going outside, playing a game, shooting some basketball hoops or listening to music.

Give the worry a name

Somehow giving a worry a name makes it feel less scary and more manageable. A wonderful picture storybook for toddlers called ‘There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof‘ by Hazel Edwards personifies fear of the dark as a friendly hippo. Much more friendly and easier to boss around if you’re a child.

Put their worries in a jar

Wouldn’t it be great to put all your worries into a safe and throw away the key? As an adult you may do this when you take time out to watch your favourite TV show; or lose yourself wandering for hours online. Children need something a little more practical. They can write their worries on some paper and lock them in away in a jar by the side of the bed at the end of the day. It’s good to know that their worries can’t get out because they are locked up tight.

Limit talking time

It’s good if kids can talk about what’s on their mind but talking needs to be contained to prevent their worries from dominating their lives. Set aside ten minutes a day to talk about their worries and then put worry time aside until tomorrow. This is not about shutting kids down but teaching them they can change tack in their thinking rather than go over the same old thoughts again and again.

Normalise rather than lionise their anxiety

Anxious kids are very sensitive to their parents concerns and worries. One way we build their concerns is by continually reassuring them that things will be fine. One reassurance should be sufficient most of the time followed by “I’ve already talked to you about that.” Continually going over old ground can allow worries to linger longer than necessary.

Give them the tools to relax

Some people can relax in front of the TV, and it is enough for them to take their mind off their worries. Some people need a bigger set of tools including mindfulness and exercise to help them neutralise our worries. Talk with your kids about how they relax; share what works for you and help them explore relaxation techniques that will fit their interests, age and lifestyles.

Move baby move

Get kids moving. Physical exercise is not only a great distraction but it release feel-good endorphins that help children and young people feel better and more optimistic about the future.

Let their subconscious minds solve their problems

A wonderful strategy is the notion of allowing the sub-conscious mind solving problems. There’s a good body of research that points to the power of the sub-conscious mind solving problems when we are asleep. If you’ve ever woken at four o’clock in the morning with an ‘aha!’ moment, where everything seems clear, then you’ll have experienced the sub-conscious mind at work. Talk about the sub-conscious mind with your kids and let them know that they can give their sub-conscious permission to go to work. “Okay, I’m not going to think about this any more. My sub-conscious can solve this now.”

Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 10 books for parents including Thriving! and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It, and his latest release Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent children.



Thought for the week

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out. 

Robert Colloer

God, our Father, may the presence of Your Spirit be evident in our Francis Jordan Catholic School community. Help us to be large of heart, broad in vision and generous in working for the common good of this School Community entrusted to our care. Amen



Enjoy the rest of the week.

Wendy Manners






Religious Education News

Religious Education News


Parents, a reminder that Tuesday December 4th is the Thanksgiving / Graduation Mass at the Saint Simon Peter Church commencing at 6.00pm. All students from Year 1 to 6 are expected to attend. This is a compulsory event for all students from Year 1 to 6.


  • Year 6 Graduation Practice – Monday December 3 – 9.30am at the Saint Simon Peter Church.


  • Beginning of the School Year Mass / Presentation of Year 6 Leadership Badges – Friday February 8 at 11.00am in the school hall.
  • Confirmation Mass – Saturday June 15 at 2.00pm at the Saint Simon Peter Church
  • First Holy Communion Masses at the Saint Simon Peter Church – Saturday September 14 at 6.00pm or Sunday September 15 at 10.00am and 5.00pm or Saturday September 21 at 6.00pm or Sunday September 22 at 10.00am and 5.00pm
  • First Reconciliation liturgies at Saint Simon Peter Church – Tuesday October 29 at 6.00pm or Thursday October 31 at 6.00pm

Damian Purcell

Assistant Principal (Religious Education)

Curriculum News

Curriculum News

Reporting (Years One-Six)

Students from Years One to Six will be designated a letter from A – E to indicate their progress. It is important to remember that the grade will reflect the level of achievement that is expected for that year level for that point in time. The A – E grade scale summarises the standard of achievement associated with each learning area. The table below provides an explanation of the achievement descriptor for each letter grade.

Letter Grade Achievement Descriptor


The student demonstrates excellent achievement of what is expected for this year level.


The student demonstrates high achievement of what is expected for this year level.


The student demonstrates satisfactory achievement of what is expected for this year level.


The student demonstrates limited achievement of what is expected for this year level.

Very Low

The student demonstrates very low achievement of what is expected for this year level

It is important to note that the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) reporting policy indicates that the allocation of a grade for an individual student should describe the level of achievement that is expected for their year level at that point in time. Students do not need to be working ‘above their year level’ to achieve an ‘A’ grade. All schools in WA are bound by this SCSA policy.

Reporting (Pre-Primary)

Students in Pre-Primary receive a description of their achievement. The table below provides an explanation of the achievement descriptions.

Pre-Primary Achievement Descriptors
The student demonstrates exceptional achievement given the expectations for this year level.
The student has exceeded the achievement expected for this year level.
The student demonstrates the expected achievement for this year level.
The student is working towards the achievement expected for this year level.
The student has not yet demonstrated the expected achievement for this year level.

Maintaining a level in a learning area from one semester to the next is an indication of positive achievement and expected development.

If your child receives an “expected”, they are achieving at the required level for their year. The descriptors summarise the standard of achievement in each of the reported learning areas. The scale describes the depth of knowledge, understandings and skills that children working at that standard typically show.

Semester Two reports will be emailed to parents on Monday 10th December.

Have a great week!

Luke Shaw
Assistant Principal (Curriculum)

Classroom News

Classroom News

Classroom News – Kindy

In Kindy we have been having lots of fun preparing for Christmas and our Christmas show!

Treasa Young and Cathy Huggins – Kindy Teachers

Classroom News – 2G

After a hard working term learning about Western Australia, persuasive writing techniques and how to stay safe in summer, Year 2G have just begun work on Advent in the lead up to Christmas. In our Religious Education lessons we are looking closely at the Nativity Story and Jesus as the reason for this festive season. We are making comic strips outlining the key events of the story.

In our afternoon sessions, we are also beginning to make a variety of Christmas crafts such as Christmas trees, stockings, wreaths and gifts for our family and loved ones.

We were also lucky enough to get a special lesson learning about BeeBots with Miss Araujo. We had so much fun experimenting with these robots and programming them to perform different actions.

We have had a very busy and productive Term 4 and are looking forward to celebrating the end of the year and preparing ourselves for Year Three!


Megan Grove – 2G Teacher

Parent Representatives

Parent Representatives


 Pre Kindy  Amanda Lacy
 Kindy G  Nadine Brennan & Jody Krysyna-Taylor  Kindy W  Kimberley Le Fournour
 PPG  Nicola Hart  PPW  Kristy Hawton & Nadene Andrews
 Year 1G  Leanne Cannon  Year 1W  Jade Bentley
 Year 2G Claire Brain, Clare McGrath & Kate Fitzsimons  Year 2W  Tracey Smallegange & Ebaney Johnson
 Year 3G Danita James and Anna Fleming  Year 3W  Liana Bank and Francesca Spatara
 Year 4G  Giselle Cholkowski  Year 4W  Jacqui Fernando and Melanie McDaniel
 Year 5G  Anna Fleming and Bernie Connolly  Year 5W  Donna Martin and Francesca Spatara
 Year 6G  Brigitte Hannaire and Gillian MacLeman  Year 6W  Celia Filipe and Sandra Kent


WHERE: Iluka Foreshore Park
DATE: Sunday 2 December
TIME: 11.00am

Bring a picnic and some drinks along and join us in celebrating what has been a fabulous year.


WHERE: The Maze – Home of the Outback Splash
DATE: Sunday 2 December
TIME: 10.00am-5.00pm

Gates Open from 10am to 5pm. There is generally a line to get in, so if you wish to enter the park at 10am you may need to line up from 9.30am, otherwise consider arriving after 10am to try and miss the line. If you pre-purchase your tickets online then you can enter the park via a priority line. If you are using The Entertainment Card or Let’s Go Kids Voucher you will need to purchase your tickets at the gate. If you haven’t been to the park before, it is worth visiting their website – so you know what to expect. We will set up a couple of gazebos on the grassed area near the water section of the park for our group. BYO lunch or cafe on site.

We hope that you can join us for a fun filled day in the sun!

Please RSVP to Ebaney on 0402 762 198 by Monday 26th November



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