Francis Jordan

Catholic School

25 Peterborough Drive,
Currambine, WA 6028


Francis Jordan

Catholic School



General Information

Daily Routines

The School Day


Children who arrive at school before 8:00 should make use of the Before School Care facility. A teacher will be on duty from 8.10am


First Bell – Children at school will be supervised on the basketball courts.  Children are not to be waiting around their classrooms.


Second Bell – Classrooms doors open.


Classes commence, electronic rolls are marked. Any late students are to report to the office to be recorded as late. Late slips are collected from the front office.


Recess – Students eat first and then play.


Bell rings and students line up at their classrooms.


Lunch – student play first for 20 minutes then eat for 15 minutes.


Bell rings and students line up at their classrooms.


Bell rings and classes cease for the day.


Students not collected by 3pm will go to the front office.


Parents are encouraged to ensure that students arrive at school prior to 8.20am, so that they have the opportunity to organise themselves and be ready to start at 8.30am. The school gates open at 8.10am and there is supervised morning play until classrooms open at 8.20am.Students who are consistently late miss out on gathering with their peer group. Their learning opportunities are disrupted, as are the opportunities of their classmates. Students who arrive after 8.20am are required to be tagged in at the school office kiosk and collect a pass to take down to their classroom teacher. Students who arrive late will be marked late on the morning roll.

Student Absences

Whenever a student is absent a written explanation from the parent must be emailed to on the day they are absent. It needs to include the child’s name, classroom and the reason for their absence. If the school is not informed of a child being absent, an email will be sent to the parents requesting the reason for their absence. The parent then needs to email If a child is late to school (after 8.30am), parents must go to the front office and tag their child in at the office kiosk and collect a pass. This pass will then be given to the classroom teacher. No child may leave the school grounds during school hours without a parent tagging them out in the school office kiosk and presenting their teacher with a pass.

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